Tronexus Basic & Standard T.A.S.K Contest - Terms & Conditions

  1. Contest period starts from 1 November 2016 till 30 April 2017.
  2. All contestants must be 18 years of age and above and also a Malaysian citizen to qualify for this contest.
  3. This contest is only open for active Tronexus Basic and Standard T.A.S.K members only. All active Basic and Standard T.A.S.K members and their Basic and Standard T.A.S.K downlines are eligible for this contest.
  4. To qualify for the contest, below are the set of requirements and conditions:

  5. Requirements:

    1. You have to be an active Tronexus Basic or Standard T.A.S.K Member.
    2. You must refer at least 5 direct downlines in any combination.
    3. For example, if you are a Basic T.A.S.K member you are allowed to have 3 Basic T.A.S.K members and 2 Standard T.A.S.K members.
    4. For every 5 downlines referred, you will earn a Ticket. The more downlines you refer the more tickets you collect for the final lucky draw.


    1. The deadline is 30 April 2017.
    2. Since the contest starts 1 Nov 2016, all previous records before 1 Nov 2016 will be deemed null and void. Meaning if you already have 2 downlines before 1 Nov 2016, it will not be included for the contest. You will have to start on a clean slate on 1 Nov 2016.
    3. If you choose to upgrade to Premium T.A.S.K package:
      1. You cannot carry forward the downlines based on the old package to the new package. For example if you have refer 2 direct downlines, you cannot carry forward to the new package.
      2. You will have to start referring new downlines based on the requirement for the Premium T.A.S.K contest.
      3. You are still eligible for the Tronexus Basic & Standard T.A.S.K contest with your collected tickets even though you decided to upgrade to Premium T.A.S.K package mid-way through the contest.
    4. If you choose to upgrade to Standard T.A.S.K package during the contest period, you will still be eligible to keep your downlines.

  6. In order to qualify for the prizes, all participants are requested to be present at the date of the lucky draw date which will be announced after 30 April 2017. In the event of “no show of the ticket owner”, the drawn ticket will be deemed as null and void. The draw will continue until prize is claimed by winner at the point of draw.
  7. All prizes are non-negotiable and are not transferable to cash.
  8. All Tron and Tronexus Management, staff and immediate families including advertising agencies are not eligible to participate this contest.
  9. Announcement of winners will take place 2 (two) weeks after the validity period of the contest closed.
  10. Announcement of winners will be via Tronexus website, Facebook and SMS.
  11. Tronexus Global Sdn Bhd reserves the right to make changes to any of the prizes or regulations without any prior notification.
  12. Participants found to have manipulated sales figures will considered as fraud and the Management of Tronexus Global Sdn Bhd will be disqualified the participant from the contest immediately.
  13. Should you require more information please call 1300-800-188.