Tronexus Contest - Terms & Conditions

  1. Contest period starts from 1 October 2016 till 30 September 2017.
  2. All contestants must be 18 years of age and above and also a Malaysian citizen to qualify for this contest.
  3. This contest is only open for active Tronexus Premium T.A.S.K members only. All active Premium T.A.S.K members and their Premium T.A.S.K downlines are eligible for this contest.
  4. To qualify for the contest, below are the set of requirements and conditions:

  5. Monthly Prize (iPhone 7)


    1. You have to be an active Tronexus Premium T.A.S.K member
    2. You must refer at least 20 new Premium T.A.S.K members 1st level downlines in a month
    3. You must have the most 1st level downlines (counted on Premium T.A.S.K members only) in a month to win the monthly prize


    1. The numbers of your downlines will reset monthly (1st of each month will start from 0)
    2. One iPhone 7 will be given out to the winner only if the participant meet all the 3 requirements
    3. If the number of new Premium members are tied between 2 or more participants, the participant who have the most new Standard T.A.S.K members followed by the most new Basic T.A.S.K will win. If the number of new Premium, Standard and Basic members are tied again, the participant who 1st reach the most Premium T.A.S.K members will win.
    4. For monthly iPhone winners, the same winner can only win maximum 2 times (2 months)
    5. Subsequently on the following months, if there are no winner, the prize will be deemed null and void.

    Grand Prize, 2nd Prize & 3rd Prize


    1. You have to be an active Tronexus Premium T.A.S.K member
    2. You must have at least 5 new Premium members in 1st level
    3. You must have at least 25 new Premium members in 2nd level
    4. You must have at least 125 new Premium members in 3rd level
    5. You must have at least 625 new Premium members in 4th level
    6. You must have at least 10,000 points


    1. You must meet all the 6 requirements in the past 60 days
    2. The numbers of your downlines will be reset daily starting from the 1st day once it hit the 61 days as the numbers of your downlines only counted in the past 60 days cycle
    3. Example:

      Premium T.A.S.K Member Duration (60 days) 1st Level 2nd Level 3rd Level 4th Level
      A 17 Oct 2016 - 15 Dec 2016 5 30 125 626 Win
      B 17 Oct 2016 - 15 Dec 2016 6 36 128 600 Not Qualify
    4. Participant who meets all the 6 requirements FIRST will win the Grand Prize and the subsequent participant will win the 2nd Prize and lastly the 3rd Prize
    5. In the event there are no Winners that qualifies for the prizes after the contest period, Tronexus Premium T.A.S.K members with the nearest criteria will be selected as winners.

  6. The winner selection is system based. There are no recurring winners and eligible winners are allowed to win one prize only.
  7. All prizes are non-negotiable and are not transferable to cash.
  8. All Tron and Tronexus Management, staff and immediate families including advertising agencies are not eligible to participate this contest.
  9. Announcement of winners will take place 2 (two) weeks after the validity period of the contest closed.
  10. Announcement of winners will be via Tronexus website, Facebook and SMS.
  11. Tronexus Global Sdn Bhd reserves the right to make changes to any of the prizes or regulations without any prior notification.
  12. Participants found to have manipulated sales figures will considered as fraud and the Management of Tronexus Global Sdn Bhd will be disqualified the participant from the contest immediately.
  13. Should you require more information please call 1300-800-188.