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General Tronexus 365 Tronexus Active

Tronexus is an organization that runs referral program module under Tronexus Global Sdn Bhd and is a part of Talk Focus Sdn Bhd. Tronexus provides a mobile prepaid plan that you can start your own business and earn passive income with the services that people are already using every day.
  1. Basic T.A.S.K. (Tronexus Affiliate Starter Kit) MYR 29
  2. Standard T.A.S.K. (Tronexus Affiliate Starter Kit) MYR 99
  3. Premium T.A.S.K. (Tronexus Affiliate Starter Kit) MYR 299
Tronexus offered 2 different rate plans, Tronexus 365 and Tronexus Active. For more information on rate plans, please refer to PREPAID.
Yes, you can. There are 3 ways to upgrade via:
  1. Online payment,
  2. Bank transfer or
  3. Bonus points
  1. Classic T.A.S.K to Basic T.A.S.K @ MYR 30
  2. Classic T.A.S.K to Standard T.A.S.K @ MYR 100
  3. Classic T.A.S.K to Premium T.A.S.K @ MYR 300
  4. Basic T.A.S.K to Standard T.A.S.K @ MYR 80
  5. Basic T.A.S.K to Premium T.A.S.K @ MYR 280
  6. Standard T.A.S.K to Premium T.A.S.K @ MYR 210
Yes. Classic T.A.S.K member will be automatically free upgrade the membership to Basic T.A.S.K once the member's account accumulated 30 Bonus Points.
You can collect your SIM card at either Tronexus HQ or Tronexus Branch, depending on your location.
No, all Tronexus Membership are not allowed to perform change of ownership.
For any inquiry, please dial 1-300-800-188 or email to Operating hours from Mon to Fri 9am – 6pm, (excluding public holiday).
  1. Must be 12 years old and above
  2. Photocopy of IC/Passport
  3. Bank Account for own used
You can choose your VIP number during your registration of your Premium T.A.S.K. Alternatively, you can walk-in to our Tronexus HQ.
You are only allowed to register 5 prepaid lines under 1 Telco service provider. Prepaid registration in Malaysia has been made mandatory since 2006. It was implemented to curb misuse of prepaid mobile services that might raise national security concerns such as terrorism and criminal behavior. These concerns continue to be the motivation behind the revised guidelines, ensuring the integrity and validity of the identification information provided during registration.
YES, the revised registration guidelines for prepaid lines will not affect you if you have registered more than 5 prepaid lines before 15 Jan 2018. However, in the event that some of your lines are terminated after 15 Jan 2018, you can no longer register a new line if your quota has exceeded 5 lines.
Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Key in your Tronexus Member ID (Tronexus mobile number) and password.
Please refer User Guide: 'How to reset my password?'.
Alternatively, call Tronexus Customer Care Tel: 1-300-800-188 (9am - 9pm daily, including public holidays) or email to us at
Step 1: Login to your member account.
Step 2: To update your contact info, click "View Profile" follow by "Edit".
Step 3: To change your password, click "Edit Password".
Step 1: Login to your member account.
Step 2: Click "Network", then select "Manage Network" or "Network Treeview".
Step 1: Login to your member account.
Step 2: Click "Wallet", then select "Manage Bonus Point".
  1. Reload MYR 10 monthly for Classic T.A.S.K members
  2. Reload MYR 10 monthly for Basic T.A.S.K members
  3. Reload MYR 30 monthly for Standard T.A.S.K members
  4. Reload MYR 50 monthly for Premium T.A.S.K members
You can either use the Bonus Point to:
  1. Convert into Cash,
  2. Redeem for reloads
  3. Purchase stock in the system such as:
    1. Reload Credit
    2. SIM Cards
    3. Membership Activation
    4. SIM Changes
  4. Redeem for vouchers
No. You can transfer talktime credit to any subscribers of Tronexus. However, it will not be considered as reload.
There are 2 ways to withdraw your bonus point.
  1. Tronexus system
    You can now make your withdrawal on any working day. Your withdrawal request will be processed within 3 working days.
  2. Walk in to Tronexus HQ
    You can walk-in to Tronexus HQ on any business working day before 5pm to receive your instant cash.
*Request made after 5pm will be treated as next day request.
Yes, you will be charged MYR 3 per transaction.
Yes, you may port–in to any plan of Tronexus and still keep your existing number. Please be remind that your credit balance, internet subscription or freebies will not be transferred to Tronexus. We advised you to utilise your credit but remain a minimum credit of MYR1 before porting to Tronexus.
Please follow the steps to complete your Port-in:
Step 1: Switch to Tronexus request via Online.
Step 2: Tronexus Customer Service will give you a call to verify on your request.
Step 3: Tronexus SIM will be delivered to your doorsteps.
Step 4: Activate your SIM by following the instruction given in the welcome letter.
Step 5: Your existing number is now ported over to Tronexus. You will be receiving an Email Link to proceed for your Tronexus Membership Purchase.
Step 6: Choose a Membership that suits you and proceed for payment.
Step 7: Login to your member account and fill up the required information to activate your account.
Step 8: Once your account is ‘Approved', start using Tronexus to build up your business!
You will have to purchase your membership within 30 days after you have ported over to Tronexus, else your SIM will be expired depending on the validity. You will not entitle to gain any profit/income if you did not purchase a membership (Basic, Standard, Premium T.A.S.K).
By default, all your mobile usage will be charged based on Tronexus Active Rate Plan. However, you are not entitle to earn income/profits as you did not purchase Tronexus membership.
No, you do not have to. Your existing services with the current mobile service provider will automatically be terminated once you have successfully ported to the new service provider.
Yes, you will have to replace your current SIM card with the new Tronexus SIM card after the porting process is completed.
  1. No charges apply if you switching from Tron to Tronexus.
  2. MYR10 processing fees will charged for users who port in from other operator.
  1. You must be aged 12 or above.
  2. You must have MyKad/Passport for verification.
  3. If you are using postpaid, you must settle all the outstanding/overdue payments with your current mobile service provider.
  4. You are not tied to any contract with your current mobile service provider.
  5. Your current mobile line is still active.
  6. You are not blacklisted from any mobile service provider.
  7. And others.
No, only the owner of the mobile number is allowed.
Yes, your line should continue to work throughout the porting process. You will be advised to replace your SIM card once the process is completed.
  1. You have outstanding/overdue bills.
  2. You are blacklisted by your current mobile service provider.
  3. You are tied to a contract with your current mobile service provider.
  4. Your identification details are incorrect/incomplete.
  5. Your current line is no longer active.
  6. You did not indicate the full list of supplementary lines.
  7. And others.
No, there will be no refund for the processing fees that is incurred. However you may resubmit your request again. If you need any help, please call 1-300-800-188.
Yes, you will need a minimum credit of MYR1 to switch over to Tronexus and is only applicable for prepaid customers.
No, there will be no penalty fee if you decide to port out from Tronexus. However, a minimum of 30 days is required before porting out to other operators and your Tronexus membership will be terminated.
You may refer our User Guide for more information.
Alternatively, you may call Tronexus Customer Service Careline at 1-300-800-188 for enquiries and support from 9am to 9pm daily (including public holidays)
Please contact 1-300-800-188 and report your lost/stolen SIM card. This will suspend your mobile services and prevent any loss of your Tronexus talktime. You may submit your SIM replacement request through your Member System. Alternatively, you will need to go to Tronexus Office to get a replacement card. Please note that charges may incur upon the replacement. Replacement card can only be done for activated mobile numbers.
MYR 10 will be charged for single sim replacement. Charges exclusive of shipping fee.
Follow the steps below:
Step 1: Login to your member account.
Step 2: Click ‘Services’ > ‘Add SIM Change’.
Step 3: Fill up the reason and delivery information.
Step 4: Click ‘NEXT’ to proceed with payment.
Step 5: Your NEW SIM will be delivered to you.
Step 6: Activate your SIM by following the instruction given in the attached letter.
Yes. You can make your reload at 7-eleven, petrol station, and etc.
  1. MYR 10
  2. MYR 30
  3. MYR 50
  4. MYR 100
You can purchase a pool of reload credit and store it in your member account. The reload credit can be used as own reload or sell it to other member. You can store a minimum credit of MYR 100 or up to maximum credit MYR 3000.
No, you are not allow to switch to Tronexus 365 Plan. Tronexus Prepaid Active subscriber are restricted to change to Tronexus 365 Plan in any manner whatsoever in such situations.
If you are a new member enrolled in Tronexus by choosing 365 plan as your first mobile plan, you are allowed to change your plan to Active plan ‘AFTER’ 1 month from the date of joining Tronexus. Charges of RM5 applied to change of plan.
To Switch Plan, follow the step-by-step instructions given below:
Step 1: Login to your member account.
Step 2: Click ‘Services’ > ‘Switch Plan’
Step 3: Select your plan (Active Plan / 365 Plan)
Step 4: Click ‘Submit’
By default, charges of MYR 5 will be applied for change of plan.
In the event a Subscriber chooses to change his/her existing plan, any existing subscriptions and benefits shall be forfeited and a Subscriber is not entitled to any form of compensation for such forfeiture. We advise you to utilise your credit/freebies before switching Plan.